Friday, 14 June 2013

An 'Exquisite' Candle

Lily-Flame is a brand I've only recently discovered and I can honestly say, I haven't smelt many of their candles but it's already my favourite candle brand... ever!

Handmade in Somerset, each tin has a different coloured and textured label to suit the smell it represents. There are four chunks of coloured wax placed around the wick which look pretty cool when they melt! Each fragrance is completely different to the next and they're all so strong.

Intrigued by the blue label and silver writing, I picked up Exquisite. I was expecting a fresh/laundry smell but I was pleasantly surprised. The scent is a heavily perfumed mixture of vintage glamour and romance. It has hints of strong flowers and powder.

So, I decided it was a perfect birthday gift for my Mum because it reminds me of her Agent Provocateur perfume she used to spray on my teddy whenever I went away from home as a child. It is such a childhood smell of mine, I knew one of us had to have it!

They have a burn time of 30-35 hours which is pretty good for a tin of that size- the problem is, you'll always want them burning because they smell so good!! With a retail price of £8.50 they make perfect cute and quirky gifts.

I can't get enough of this candle, I wish I'd bought one for myself too!

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