Sunday, 16 June 2013

Nioxin Shampoo & Conditioner Review

 My hair abused by dye and heat so I try my best to keep it in good condition. I recently noticed it was getting thinner and breaking quite easily. My hair dresser recommended Nioxin. You use it every time you wash your hair and if you don't notice a difference after thirty washes you get your money back. I thought, why not try it?

I bought a set including shampoo, conditioner and a scalp spray for £20.
The bottles are of a reasonable size but very thin. I definitely don't think you'd get much more than thirty washes out of them anyway (especially the conditioner). The minty fragrance is enough to make your eyes water... this shampoo meant business!! At first I thought I was having an allergic reaction, especially when I washed the conditioner out. My head felt like it was sort of burning but you soon learn that it's just doing a good job. Nioxin opens your scalp pores, cleanses them, regenerates new hair growth and makes strands thicker and stronger.

The only complaint I have is: I don't think the conditioner spreads through the hair very well so I have to use quite a bit and it therefore runs out quite quickly. For best results I'd definitely recommend using it first and leaving the conditioner on while you wash your body etc.
 Before drying your hair you spray the scalp spray onto your scalp and rub it in- TIP: do not do this after you've applied your makeup... if it trickles down your face (even slightly) it completely demolishes your makeup!! Trust me.

At first I wasn't convinced, I hadn't noticed a difference and if anything I thought my hair was breaking more than ever. I did some research and everyone said the same thing. Perseverance is key! Three months down the line: my hair is better than ever and I've got five more people hooked on it.

Nioxin is now my staple shampoo & conditioner. I'll occasionally use something else if I'm going out but you really do need to be consistent. There are different Nioxin grades, if you go on the website and do the mini quiz it'll tell you what is best for your hair type.


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  3. Sounds like an interesting experience you've had with this product, haha. Personally I'm not sure I'd have the patience to wait 3 months for results. I'm more of a simple moisturizing shampoo/conditioner user but spend more money and time on masks and things like that. Each to their own I guess. Any other tips for dye-abused hair?

    1. I completely agree, it does take a lot of patience and perseverance. You do start noticing the results sooner but you have to stick to it for a good few months for it to be worth while. I need to use masks more!!

      You should try SP shampoos and conditioners, they're quite pricey but really good. They do a colour damage shampoo and mask. I've recently started using them, I'll do a review soon :) Thanks for the comment x

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